Pretext for the Modern Law enforcement officer and Soldier.

Traditional military forces had the objective to kill the enemy and destroy targets. But the shape of the enemy and battlefield has changed. War involves general populations with ill-defined or non-existent battle lines. Modern Military engagements take place anywhere any time, amongst, against or in defence of civilians often in their own countries. The confrontation with these non-traditional close quarter battle situations leads to poor decision-making and undesired actions with unwanted results and repercussions for the soldier, their commanders and political leaders.

War involves regular (recognised legal militaries) and irregular (illegal non-government sanctioned military operations) enemies. Often irregular enemies are linked with organized crime. The rules of engagement for regular forces in many circumstances are influenced and liable to both military and civilian mandates (Law), held up to the scrutiny of the world by the media backed by political agendas.

The enemy you face does not play by the rules

What does this environment require of the modern soldier/law enforcement officer?

  • The Modern Soldier/LEO needs to be well equipped and trained in a range of skills utilizing a range of force options that allow them to function along a force continuum including maximum lethal force options without hesitation.
  • Not only do they need to be physically proficient utilizing their skills, weapons and tactics; they also need to grasp the mandate that their orders are issued under and what actions and protocols are relevant to each situation.
  • They need to be able to function and make decisions both as a team and as an individual at the micro tactical level.

Decisive Action

To act decisively without hesitation requires speedy decision making, linked with the immediate appropriate response. To achieve this it is obvious that one requires well developed “pattern” recognition skills, have the right physical and equipment familiarity skills linked, with the appropriate options for response in context to any given situation.

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