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Advanced Conflict Training provides comprehensive set of training solutions for the Private Sector, (including the private security Industry and neighbourhood watches), Law Enforcement Agencies (including community policing) and Arms of Service of the Military as well as serious Civilians who wish to protect themselves and their families.
Advanced Conflict Training serves across various sectors, specialising in providing custom solutions as well as a wide range of standardised solutions tailored toward each individual customer.

This website contains a generic summary of the courses we provide related to LEO (Law Enforcement Officers), Military, Security and Civilian clients. All the courses listed have been developed primarily for close contact confrontations to complement existing sound military and law enforcement and personal safety skills. Courses listed contain various elements of firearm handling and close quarter combat but do not replace current effective skills and tactics already been utilized by informed and trained operators. These courses are designed and developed to provide new skills as well as compliment and integrate with existing skills.

All our courses are developed with the following considerations in mind:
  • Objective and purpose of training
  • Profile of client and in field ”operators/officers/trainers/civilians”
  • Mandate (Organization and or unit Mandate/Civilian Legal Mandate/Military Mandate)
  • Critical time frames and budget
The courses listed in “Course Table,” are generic courses developed for the following environments:
  • LEO/Law Enforcement Officer
  • Security Sector
  • Prison services
  • Personal Protection Services (CPO)
  • Para Military
  • Military
  • Corporate customers with various risk profiles
  • Civilians